Teacher of Sc Mathematical... until  from 1985, currently in service c/o SMS Troccoli of the Comprehensive Institute of Lauropoli with additional referring teacher assignment of computer science;  a.s.1999/2000 have been Objective Function - area 2 - co-ordination and use of the new technologies, reconfirmed for the a.s.  2000/2001.  The didactic action is prevailing mind supported from the continuous methodological modernisation's, based, for the greater part, on uses of the new technologies (computer science, multimedia ,Internet...)


1982 are taken care of computer science in nonstop way sin from the he has conformed to the continuous evolution showing adapted technical and professional competencies.  Engaged in advising, and formation course, has been reporter co-ordinator of  formation course: 

  • ·for teacher in the within of personal ministerial plan PSTD 1997/2000

  • administrative of the Schools of every or order and degree with authorisation of the Provveditorato To the Studies of Cosenza

  • CTP -Cassano Allo Ionio - Permanent Territorial Center for the education of the adults.  

Currently engaged in the multimedialitą and the planning and situated construction of Internet.








May 1995

Equipped of a equipped laboratory of rich carpenter's shop of manual and electronic tools;  it is dedicated, in the free time, to the working of the wood in the planning and construction of peasant and modern furniture's, and to the ancients furniture restoration, it uses valuable woods solid to the natural state, all it comes by hand constructed and rifting with cure.  It has participated to national competitions promoted from specialist reviews obtaining acknowledgements and compensations





Gotten  passionate of the game of tennis, it plays in amateur way.





Gotten passionate of photography, equipped of discreet an equipment of equipment's;  é particularly interested to the macrophoto and from the landscape one;  a photographic one has  one discreet book photographic.